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“I appreciate Deborah’s passion for the project and her ability to coach me through the process in a way that feels structured but not restrictive. I like the fact that I’m working with HER (not one of the staff.) I wanted to work with Deborah because I needed a more tailored feel to what I wanted to accomplish, and I could not be happier with the results so far! Deborah really cares–not because she is getting paid or this is her job…she REALLY cares. She wants me to succeed with this project, and her support feels 100% customized.
Paying for a book collaborator is an investment in my business, yet I was more scared of NOT moving forward with the book. It is a big deal to decide to make this real, but Deborah was encouraging without being pushy. Ultimately, choosing to work with her was an easy “yes,” and I would recommend her to others.”
—Meghan Leahy, Washington Post columnist and parenting coach

“I’m delighted to be working with you on my book and am inspired by the editing experience. It’s delightful to work with such a thoughtful and substantive thinker. It not only makes the process enjoyable, but it’s pushing me to think better, write better and to learn more—and that experience for me is priceless!”
—Hamid Ghanadan, Founder, The Linus Group

“I know there’s a book in me somewhere, but I was still searching for exactly what my topic would be and who I want to serve at that point. I’m very happy I signed up to work with Deborah! The process helped me refine my book’s topic. And to my surprise, it even helped me figure out the direction of my business, which was an added bonus. I liked the resources you shared and the exercises we did and would recommend this course to others!”
—Lori Saitz, Owner and Speaker, Quiet Girls

“Deborah oversaw the online marketing for my company, which included SEO, AdWords campaigns and the email marketing program. Using her copywriting and conversion optimization skills, she increased the response rate to our online course from 15% to 42% in six months. We were happy with her results, and she’s fun to work with.”
—Bill Cates, President, CSP, Speaker, Referral Coach International

“I signed up for Deborah’s workshop because I want to write a book to help raise my profile and grow my business, but I had no idea where to start. Her step-by-step plan helped me to finally get the book idea out of my head. I was surprised by how easy it was to get an outline on paper. At the end of the class, I was so pumped to get a jumpstart on writing. Deborah’s a fantastic teacher with a wealth of insight about book writing for business. For anyone who needs a boost to get their book idea off the ground, I absolutely would encourage them to take her class.”
—RM Harrison, Business Alignment Strategist, RM Harrison

“If you’re serious about writing a book, consider Radiant Media Labs. Deborah Ager, who’s published and knows a lot about marketing, will walk you through a series of exercises in a supportive setting that will allow you to sharpen your project’s focus and emerge with material that will be tremendously helpful for a book proposal. You’ll work on your book’s mission statement; refine your big ideas; and think seriously about target audiences. Highly recommended.” —Stefan Gunther, Ph.D.

“Thank you for the “Write the Book” workshop. The different exercises we did were thought-provoking and allowed me to synthesize the ideas for my book, to reflect on my target audience and to consider the structure. I also appreciated the recommendations from the other attendees which was helpful in the brainstorming process. I came away very inspired to get started!” —Julia Gaspar-Bates, President, Intercultural Alliances

“I enjoyed the workshop and recommend it if you want to learn from a coach who gives lots of info, techniques and tools. The best part? You will walk away with a completed project to finally move your book forward.”
—Dorri C. Scott, Publisher, VA WOMAN

“Deborah Ager came to our company’s rescue in 2005-7 when we were struggling to get the most out of online marketing and advertising. Google AdWords was new, and we quickly doubled our business by beating everyone else in our market area through a sophisticated AdWords and search engine optimization program designed and managed by Deborah. She knows the Internet and social media like no one else.”
—Neville Williams, Founder and former CEO, Standard Solar Inc.

“I was Deborah’s internal client at the American Red Cross. She oversaw inbound marketing–organic search and paid search–to sell our health and safety courses. She immediately and dramatically increased visits and revenue, resulting in record online revenue. Deborah’s paid search and organic strategies laid the foundation for what have become reliable and high-performing channels for our business.”
—Erich Ericson, Marketing Director, American Red Cross

“I hired Deborah for SEO services. She was prompt and efficient, and guided me easily through a process I was very unfamiliar with. She worked with me to create a package of services that met both my needs and my budget and has room for growth as I need it. It was just what I wanted! She’s extremely professional, and easy to work with. It’s a pleasure to endorse her.”
—Merry Bruns, Owner, ScienceSites

“When I first met Deborah I was considering a move to WordPress. She provided excellent advice on the transition and then executed a smooth transfer of data. I’m thrilled with the results. Deborah is very hands on, asks great questions and offers a lot of support to her clients. I look forward to working with her again in the future.”
—Katie Kemple, Public Media Consultant, Panarelli Consulting, LLC.

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