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How to use Authentic and Honest Marketing to Increase Your Revenue

WITHOUT losing sleep, your mind, or your reputation

AND while still getting to eat and spend time with family


You Increase Your Visibility and Kiss the Hustle-Hustle Goodbye.

If your business improves humanity, people need you.

  • Maybe you want to reach more people because your work will help humans be better humans.
  • Maybe you have a business that’s doing pretty well and you want to do even better.
  • Maybe you crave more time with your family and the ability to do what you want when you want.
  • Maybe you’ve been craving entrepreneurship and now is the time.

You can’t afford to wait.

By not sharing your knowledge with the people who need it, you risk not fulfilling your mission. Every day you wait, more people struggle.

3 Compelling Reasons to Start Now

  1. The world needs your expertise now–more than ever. As I said to one client–who was scared to share her message with a wider audience—“who will suffer without that knowledge?” People need you to use your knowledge to inspire, motivate, and teach them.
  2. You gain authority and build credibility. People buy from those they know, like, and trust. My visibility and marketing methods help you get known, liked, and trusted.
  3. While you wait, others are moving ahead. I learned this the hard way. I’ll help you take action now, so you feel good about where you’re heading with your business.
  4.  I know what you’re thinking…I know all the fears and hesitations around running a business, and I’ve experienced many of them.

5 Brain-Sucking Worries that Prevent People from Increasing Their Revenue

  1. “I don’t know how to start!” I will walk you through the process I’ve used in my own business, so you know exactly what to do to grow your business.
  2. “Who am I to be an expert or authority?” You’re an expert. If people rely on you for information, advice, and consulting, they view you as an expert. That means you are the one to run this business.
  3. “Can I really do it?” Yes. With a process and knowhow, you can do it.
  4. “I’m scared to have my ideas out there.” It IS scary to share ideas with the world. It’s also pretty exciting and opens up opportunities. What does it cost you, or others, not to spread your good ideas?
  5. “My message isn’t clear.” You’re not alone. Just about everyone has this problem at one time or another, and I’ve been through it myself! I’ll help you gain clarity with my step-by-step process that has helped oodles of people clarify their core message.

Why Should You Trust Me At All?

Good question. I like kitties, but that’s probably not enough. 😉


  •  I believe in serving those who serve humanity.
  •  I built the online marketing programs at the Red Cross and, as a result, raised $100M in 3.5 years.
  •  My marketing methods generated 11,000 downloads in three days for a cookbook for a big ol’ US government organization (a National Institutes of Health division).
  •  I’ve run my current business for three years and had other ones before this. I’ve worked both inside and outside corporations, so I get the whole picture and understand the scary leap from 9-5 to business owner.
  •  I’ve had good and bad times, successes and failures. I understand the scariness involved in calling your own shots and how to return to a can-do mindset.

Introducing the 1-1 Personalized Business Coaching Package

This is a private, 1-1, tailored 3-month program just for you:

  • 12 60-minute sessions with me via Zoom or Skype
  • Unlimited text/voice support through a walkie talkie app called Voxer
  • Unlimited feedback on your copy for emails, sales pages, web copy
  • Consulting on creating marketing/visibility/content plans


$4,997 one-time payment


3 x $1,999


Ways Your Business is About to Change (and be better)


…eager clients coming to you, and a feeling of satisfaction about where you’re heading in life.

…feeling excitement Monday morning, because you signed on an amazing new client.

…feeling at ease and in control, because you have a clear and repeatable marketing and visibility plan.

…the income you dreamed about landing in your bank account.

How will you get to that point?

I have a program that will get you there.

What Will We Work on Together?

I believe in creating personalized and tailored plans, so you can get exactly what you need to grow your business. With that in mind, this is a sampling of areas we can work on together.


I help you craft a core message, so you’re clear on what you offer and can speak confidently about your work. And I help with any of the following based on your needs.

  • Unearth your big ideas and offer, so you can share it with the right-for-you people.
  • Gain clarity on your message and mission, so you know how and where to market.
  • Become comfortable and confident about sharing your message, so you increase your visibility.
  • Unearth the perfect niche.


I’ll help you share your message in authentic and honest ways, so you connect with your ideal people.

  • Find the right-for-you platforms and methods to win the hearts and minds of your prospects. Once you know this, the marketing process can be fun and even enjoyable.
  • Learn to create a repeatable content plan that lets you efficiently plan and create months of content.
  • Discover the 3 main emails you need to send to build trust and engage with your community.
  • Learn how to gain trust and “sell” without selling.


  • Craft your free offer so you attract people into your pipeline and develop real relationships.
  • Connect with more people through methods ideal for your target market (could include ads, groups, blog, etc).
  • Use time-tested methods to expand your reach through powerful conversations with others.
  • Direct outreach. The best ways to connect with others to grow your business.


  • Learn how to use stories in your marketing to win the hearts of your customers.
  • Learn top ways to use stories and how to find more easily.
  • Discover the best ways to find words that resonate with your prospects.
  • The #1 way to structure testimonials that help you win even more new clients.
  • Discover the best words to use and how to use your words to engage and inspire others.
  • Learn proven copywriting methods to increase sales and income.


“I appreciate Deborah’s passion for the project and her ability to coach me through the process in a way that feels structured but not restrictive. I like the fact that I’m working with HER (not one of the staff.) I wanted to work with Deborah because I needed a more tailored feel to what I wanted to accomplish, and I could not be happier with the results so far! Deborah really cares–not because she is getting paid or this is her job…she REALLY cares. She wants me to succeed with this project, and her support feels 100% customized.”
—Meghan Leahy, Washington Post columnist and parenting coach

“Deborah oversaw the online marketing for my company, which included SEO, AdWords campaigns and the email marketing program. Using her copywriting and conversion optimization skills, she increased the response rate to our online course from 15% to 42% in six months. We were happy with her results, and she’s fun to work with.”

—Bill Cates, President, Referral Coach International

What Sets This Program Apart

  • I believe in serving those who serve humanity. That comes through in all I do.
  • This is a 1-1 program in which you receive oodles of attention, consulting, and coaching.
  • We will fill your plan with what you LIKE to do and not full of the “marketing tactic du jour” (Facebook ads or “building your list,” for instance).
  • By designing what you like to do, you’ll be more likely to take action and experience success.
  • I offer a blend of coaching and consulting, so you get both accountability and solid recommendations.
  • You’ll have frequent access to me between our sessions, so you can get unstuck, ask questions, and get feedback on your ideas.

If I Could Tell You One Thing to Achieve the Success You Want...

…it would be to take action.

A wise woman told me to take action on my business anytime I felt uncertain. Taking those actions despite fear and misgivings created success in my business. If you want that, then I want that for you, too.


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